Trevor’s Eulogy

Monday, January 22, 2001

In Lafayette, Indiana on September 9, 1971, Roland and Nina welcomed their 4th child, Trevor Gillette Smith into the world. Jim was grateful for the addition of a brother to even the score against sisters Heather and Dawnmarie.

In April 1972, the family moved to Mentor-on-the-Lake, Ohio where they lived until January 1974, when a move took them to Germany.

Trevor was a fun-loving, mischievous child. On a layover to Germany, Grandpa Smith gave him a length of clothesline to play with. Trevor had it made into a lasso and would try to trap people in his loop at the airport.

In Germany, the family grew with the additions of Traci, who died at birth, and later Jaelene, and Daryl were added to the family.

Trevor’s love of nature and the outdoors was manifested at an early age. He could be found almost daily peeing outside, on the neighbor’s sidewalk, in a field, in the backyard, in the bathtub…

From childhood Trevor was a favorite amongst older people. His boyish charm won the hearts of many older women who rewarded him often with candy, much to the dismay of his siblings.

After returning home to Ohio in 1977, Trevor stared 1st grade at Munson Elementary School. Our family was completed in 1978 with the birth of Jared. Trevor became active in T-ball and later baseball.

His mischievousness got him into trouble many times when his sisters were babysitting, as he would often run away. One time he ran away barefoot, climbed a tree, and refused to come down. This type of determination was helpful in other aspects of his life, such as scouting. He developed a love of scouting at an early age. He could often be found sleeping in his cub scout uniform. One time for a scouting activity, whoever sold the most tickets for the scout-o-rama would win a bike. Trevor desperately wanted to win. His persistence and determination paid off as he sold the most tickets and was awarded the bike despite stiff competition.

In high school Trevor was very active in the drama club. He participated in all the plays, and went on a drama club trip to New York City where he was able to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and several Broadway shows.

Trevor’s determination and persistence was evident in his work ethic. He was a hard worker and enjoyed the fruits of his labor. With the money earned from working at the Brown Barn, he bought his first motorcycle and paid to be tutored in math so that he could take a calculus class in school. He later went on to take a physics class at Lakeland community college.

Trevor felt a connection to the elderly and the less fortunate. He loved to correspond with his Grandma Friend and often mowed a widow’s lawn.

During his senior year the family moved to Utah. Trevor had the opportunity to stay in Ohio and finish his senior year, but felt it was more important to stay with his family.

After finishing high school, Trevor completed a year at BYU before leaving on his mission.

Trevor served a mission to the Tokyo South Mission from 1990-1991. While there he developed a love to the Japanese people, culture, and food that would last throughout his life. He was dedicated to learning the language and studied long and hard to master it.

While in Japan, Trevor visited places Mother and Father had been, taking pictures of their former home and compiling a scrapbook to give them upon his return.

Trevor met Wendy at Mountain Springs restaurant where Wendy was a waitress. Their first date came as a result of leaving his phone number with his tip. They were married August 27, 1993 and Kendra was born a year later on August 29, 1994. Throughout their married life they lived in many old apartments around Salt Lake. Trevor grew to love the city, the mountains and flowers. He loved being a dad and was fascinated with Kendra at every stage of development.

It was during this time that Trevor met John and worked at the Electronic Cottage on and off for a period of years. Over the next several years, Trevor had various moves and always loved each city for the beautiful scenery and nature he discovered. In Bremerton, Washington, he loved the view of the sunset from his balcony and being by the water. Most of all, he loved being close to Kendra again.

In Colorado Springs he loved being in the mountains and close to his family.

And in Redondo Beach, California, he loved living on the beach and the hummingbirds.

He was a very loving and generous person who was sensitive to those less fortunate and in need-particularly the homeless.

While in California, Trevor worked for Oriental Motor, which provided him the opportunity to travel again to Japan.

Trevor was in Salt Lake City on business when the accident occurred.

We are grateful to you for coming to share in Trevor’s life. He was deeply loved and his absence will be a void in our lives.

Written and Delivered By: Jared Smith

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  1. Trevor was a very adventurous and intelligent young man. A passion for anything high tech and always wanting to talk about it. He loved Millcreek Canyon and visited any time he could. Trevor loved music (and liked it as loud as possible) and while working for Electronic Cottage spent many hours on the balcony at the house shared with John listening to music (I never knew how the neighbors did not complain about the volume I have never been able to get away with it) and talking about the miracles the Internet would bring long before many people knew what the Internet was. I remember when Trevor made such a big deal that he could reach out the back windows of the house (they did not even have to go outside) and pick big fat juicy cherries off the cherry tree only to find they had millions of worms in them after eating tons of them. I think I ate a few in the evening without looking closely at them too. No one got sick but it sure was funny to see his face when he found out. He had many creative ideas. He also was one of the kindest people I knew. He was good to everyone and yes he could strike up a conversation with anyone. One of my fondest memories is remembering Trevor walking around with Kendra being such a good dad and sharing information with her like she was 20 but she was just very young. He loved her so much and talked about her all the time. I hope his daughter knows how much he loved her. I won’t forget Trevor in his shorts and military boots coming right up to me and confidently starting a conversation. I remember he changed his hair and the color on a regular basis.
    I miss him and think of him often. For me it is so rare to meet a person like Trevor at such his young age. God bless his family. I know Trevor loved you all so very much I’m pretty sure he gave me a biography on each of you when you were all living in North Ogden. Thank you for this website and that I could share a little 10 years later about my good friend Trevor Smith. Miss you.

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