Schenectady, NY — Frosty Acres Campground

This was another nice campground, but like most campgrounds, it was situated well away in the wilds of New York. Getting there follows a very winding and hilly road.

There was no wifi available but good cellular service from AT&T. We were there a total of three nights. We’d leave to go visit family at about 8:30am and get back about 8:30pm at night. As a result, we saw very little of the actual campground. What we did see confirmed that this was primarily a seasonal campground with people settling their trailer or motor home in place for months at a time so they could come up on weekends to play.

The route that Google Maps gives to get to the turnpike going eastbound, however, means passing through a tunnel under some railroad tracks where the ceiling is about 10 feet. No way could the motor home get through that tunnel, but there was no place nearby to turn around! Some investigating turned up a couple of alternative routes that would bypass the tunnels and get us out of there safely.

The campground had good cellular service but no wifi service was available.

Three out of five stars.



What: July – September 2017 Road Trip
When: 15 August – 18 August
Where: Schenectady, NY
Campground: Frost Acres Campground
1560 Skyline Drive
Schenectady, NY 12306
Phone: (518) 864-5352
Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars