Galena, Ohio — Berkshire Lake Campground

We pulled into this campground fairly late in the afternoon after what should have been a short drive up I-71 through Columbus and to this delightful campground north of town and close to I-71. As we were coming into Columbus, right at the I-270 / I-71 interchange, the passenger rear wheel on the car dolly literally came off. That side of the frame hit the ground with a bang. Nina was driving and quickly pulled over. We took the car off the dolly and pulled the motorhome with dolly attached well off the freeway. Google said there was a commercial tire shop at the next exit … one mile further north. They said they could fix the problem but it would take a couple of days.

Wheelless Dolly
Wheelless Dolly
We arranged for a tow truck to pick up the dolly and deliver it to the tire store. This was on a Tuesday afternoon. The repair was fairly complicated and took until the following Monday afternoon to complete. By that time we were in a campground up in Thompson, Ohio, so we drove the motor home down on the following Tuesday, picked up the dolly, and brought it back.

The Berkshire Lake Campground is primarily for longer-term guests. They do have a few campsites available for short-time campers. It is a very big facility with most sites having a fairly permanent setup. There was no WIFI. Our site was a pull-thru with hookups in very good condition.

Three out of five stars. No wifi was a downer.



What: July – September 2017 Road Trip
When: 1 August – 4 August 2017
Where: Galena, OH
Campground: Berkshire lake Campground
1848 Alexander Road
Galena, OH 43021
Phone: 740-965-2321
Email: Unknown
Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars