Another Great “Season of Note” in Pocatello

The Bronx Wanderers at the Stephens Performing Arts Center
The Bronx Wanderers at the Stephens Performing Arts Center

About ten minutes into the performance, Nina and I turned to each other and high fived! Music that we hadn’t heard since we were teenagers and dating (before the Beatles took over) was coming from the stage. It was a an electric atmosphere in the hall. What a great evening!

So, who are the Bronx Wanderers??? I’d never heard of them. They don’t have an entry in Wikipedia. They don’t have a web page (that I could find). They do have a Facebook page (located here). I’m pretty sure that they are fairly unknown, at least here in Idaho, played into the attendance. The hall was less than half full. Those that had tickets and didn’t go definitely missed a show!

It’s a “family act” with two sons playing with their father. The sons are definitely musicians as well. I’m hoping they come back to Pocatello … or we find ourselves somewhere they are performing. I’ve had an eartune since last night!

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One thought on “Another Great “Season of Note” in Pocatello

  1. Oh, yes, they have a website. Just put “Bronx Wanderers” in your search engine, and you will get lots of results.
    I accidentally found them playing some WONDERFUL music at Festa Italiana about 4-5 years ago. The kind of music that takes you back to being 16 again…withour the acne and the angst!
    They have CD’s, T-shirts, mousepads, etc. They’re great!

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