The Knew Knees

The Knew Knees
The Knew Knees

When I went in for my 6 week checkup I also went over to the imaging center for X-rays of my knees. While I was waiting for the surgeon I took a picture of the X-ray that his nurse brought up on the computer. I’ve definitely got knew knees! He told me I was doing very well and then said I had to do three things:

  1. Walk and walk some more. The best thing I can do for the whole healing process is to walk. And, while I’m walking, I’m also to pay attention to my gait and balance.
  2. Loose weight … at least 20 pounds by the time I come back to see him in April.
  3. Exercise the knee, but don’t worry about the stiffness. In the next couple of weeks, he said, the knee will begin to loosen up by itself as the incision heals.

My next appointment is on April Fools Day. Hopefully by then everything will be pretty much in the past. I’m seeing progress on a daily basis. I’m thinking in the next two weeks most all of the pain should be gone.

Holiday Visitors

Visitors: My Favorite Brother, His Wife, and My Mother

Nina and I picked my mother up and drove down to North Salt Lake on the day before Thanksgiving. We had a delightful stay with Heather and her family for Thanksgiving.

We drove back home late Thanksgiving day so that Nina could go to Idaho Falls early Friday morning for her normal shift at the Idaho Falls Temple.

Meanwhile, on Saturday my very favorite brother and his wife Chris drove over from Green River, Wyoming. They picked up our mother in Soda Springs and spent Saturday afternoon through mid-day on Sunday with us. We had a wonderful visit. We really appreciate them taking the time to come over to visit with us. We really need to do this more often!

And Finally

Nina and I were invited in to meet with a member of the Stake Presidency this afternoon. The purpose was to release me as a member of the Pocatello Stake High Council. I’ve had this excellent Church calling for the past four years, which is a year longer than usual. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with the people in the Cedar Hills Ward and the Arbon Branch. It was a great run. Whatever comes next will be in my home ward. I’m thinking that teaching a youth Sunday School class would be great….

Ta ta for now!

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  1. Roland! You are amazing! Congratulations on your progress! You are an awesome High Councilman & I am very sure they are going to miss you – after all, you were there longer than most – so you know that they loved you! You & Nina are the best! I am so glad that I can call both of you my friends!

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