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Most of the things I wanted to do with this revamp are now done. The SpyCam picture now shows on the rightmost column. I’ve added my tweets back into the middle column. I’ve put most of the links into pages across the top of the blog to give better access to my picture album, the about-me page, William P Smith, and Trevor. I’ve moved the information on Trevor into pages on the blog so they now look much better. I’ve also added an Amazon link to their digital music and video library. There were other things as well, but that’s the major items. Jaelene started this process by changing her blog theme and I got infected as well. Change is good!

Earlier today, CNN and other news sources reported that the Texas 3rd District Court of Appeals ruled that the State of Texas had overstepped it’s authority in removing the FLDS children and granting custody to the state.

I have been deeply concerned about the handling of this entire issue by the State of Texas. Their initial raid of the FLDS compound near San Angelo, Texas was triggered by a hoax. Their handling of the children and their mothers was beyond belief. If the State of Texas could do that, what rights do any of us have as parents?

I do not condone the FLDS practice of polygamy, spiritual marriage, and the assignment of women to husbands as wives. These practices are reprehensible and illegal and should be prosecuted as such. However, the government has a very poor track record on this front.

Near the end of the last century, federal authorities hounded Mormon polygamist husbands into exile when they couldn’t be apprehended and jailed. Families were ripped apart and husbands prohibited from caring for their families. It was a traumatic time for the Mormon Church, one that most Mormons are not likely to forget anytime soon. Some in the media have suggested that the FLDS practices are those of the Mormon Church in the last century. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The government overstepped their bounds with the Mormons in the last century, and the State of Texas has done it again now. Fortunately, this time there are courts and judges who understand the law and the constitutional rights of citizens.

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